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Product Description

Flight Booking API

flight-bookingWe provide you with access to our flight API , and once it is integrated into your website , it will allow your customers and your business access to a great variety of services.

  • Flight search domestic and international
  • Easy implementation
  • Integration support
  • Real time booking
  • Ticket cancellation, Renaissance real time cancellation of LCCs




  • Margin
  • API Specification
  • API Description
  • FAQ


SR NO Airline Business Economy Import Fee
1 Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA)* CHARITY / OTHERS 10 Rs 7 Rs
2 Jet Airways 1.5% Basic+YQ 1.5% Basic+YQ Import fee Rs.120/-
4 Vistara Airlien NA 2 % Basic+YQ Import fee Rs.120/-
6 Indigo Airlines NA 4.5 % Basic+YQ
7 SpiceJet NA 4% Basic+YQ
7 GoAir NA 4 % Basic+YQ
8 Air costa NA 3 % Basic+YQ
Indigo Update 1.5% Commision on Coupon Fare tickets.
Spicejet Update : 1.5 % Commission on Coupon Tickets.
Goair Update Rs.25 Mark up on Coupon Fare tickets.

International Margins

Note: All deals are subject to change without prior notice
Miscellaneous Fee of RS.10/- would be applicable on ALL INTERNATIONAL TICKETS
Service charges of RS.100/- would be applicable for Re-issuance of ALL INTERNATIONAL TICKETS
US & European Carriers
SR NO Airline IA TA Bus / ECO Validity Remarks
2 AF/KL/DL 0 2% O/B & I/B Till 31DEC15 Except “Q” Surcharge on SOTOs
3 TK 0 4% O/B Till 31st Dec, 2015 O/B Till 31st Dec, 2015
4 VS 1 3.5% O/B & I/B Till 31st Mar,15 Except Interline and operated by 9W flights.
5 9W 1 7% / 3.5% O/B & I/B Till 31st Mar,15 Except Australia & AC and S2 operated flights.
6 AY 0 3.5% O/B & I/B Till 31DEC15 Except Fare basis with IRA , ILUX & CAMPAIGN & Groups & Operated by other Airlines flights.(Except sotos)
7 AI 1 6% , 3% O/B & I/B Till 30June,15 Except Code Share Flights
8 SU 0 3% Till further Notice Till further Notice
9 BA 0 4.5% O/B Till 31st Dec, 2015 O/B Till 31st Dec, 2015
Middle East Carriers
10 EK 3 5% / 3% O/B & I/B Till 31st Mar,15 Except AUH,DXB,JED,MCT,DOH,KWI,BAH,RUH,M ED,DMM,DHA sectors & No IATA on SOTOS (NO COMMISSION ON Q SURCHARGE)
11 QR 0 4.5% / 4% O/B & I/B Till 31st Mar,15 Except “Q” Surcharge & Interlining.
12 EY 1 8.5% / 5.5& O/B & I/B Till 31st Mar,15 Except “Q” Surcharge
13 WY 1 4% O/B Till 31st Dec, 2015 Except “Q” Surcharge
14 KU 3 3% O/B & I/B Till 31DEC15 Except SOTOs (No IATA on SOTOs)
15 AB 0 5.5% O/B & I/B Till 31st Mar,15 Except SOTOs (No IATA on SOTOs) Ticket Document : 607 (Ticket can be issued on EY document)
16 GF 0 4% O/B Till 31st Dec, 2015 Except “Q” Surcharge and Code share flights.Except Interline & Promo fares.
17 LY 5 1% O/B Till 31st Dec, 2015 Except Groups & GV fares.
Far East Carriers & African Carriers
18 MH 3% 3% / 2.5% TKTG TILL 31ST DEC,15 Except “Q” Surcharge on SOTOs.(PLB not applicable on “O” class)
19 CX 4 Nil
20 TG 0 5.5% O/ B till 31st March,15 EX-DEL,BLR,HYD,MAA & CCU only. EX-BOM – 5%. Except “SOTOs” & Promo Fares & Groups
21 CI 5 4% I/B & O/B 31DEC15 Except Punjab Passport (punjab ppt deal 2.5%)
22 MU 2 nil
23 CA 3 2% TKTG Till 30JUN ,15 EX-DEL & BOM only. Except “SOTOs” & Groups. (TRVL till 30th June,14)(Within China No IATA Comm)
24 SQ 0 3% O/B & I/B Till 31st Mar,15 No plb on V & T Classes
25 OZ 5 2% for USA Till Further Notice Rest 5+1% & Except “SOTO”.Plb is valid for travel EX-DEL only.
26 JL 0 2.5% O/B & I/B Till 31ST MAR,15 Except Interlining , Codeshare flights and Travel Within JAPAN. (I/B & O/B 31ST DEC)
27 QF 5 2% O/B & I/B TILL 30TH JUNE,15 NO PLB on GROUPS & G Class.
28 SA 3 2% O/B & I/B Till 31st Mar,15 O/B & I/B Till 31st Mar,15
30 AA 0 3% / 3% O/B Till 31st Dec, 2015 No PLB applicable within Domestic SOTOs USA & CANADA
31 ET 3 5% O/B & I/B Till 30JUN15
32 KQ 0 5% O/B & I/B Till 31st Mar,15 Code Share Flights & Promotional fares & TBF fares.
33 KE 5% 2% O/B & I/B Till 31ST DEC,15

Flight API Flight API Solution


  • API Allows to Use system features without creating or generating Resources or Setting up Dedicated Environment.
  • API Makes Shows Your Business Environment smoother and allows your entire system users to explore additional Services For shame.
  • The API gives benefit of Cost sharing to Buyer as the Buyer avails all Service-benefit without
  • Wasting time and Energy for creating Service Environment which saves Money and Utilizes Resources.
  • It Allows you Flexibility for Connecting Services to any Platform, as well, so you can Connect
  • Same API for any Number of Production Environments, as well.


The Web API Functions

TEST Environment

• When the system is in test mode, no actual recharges are processed, but at the same time all the functionalities are live. This is useful while integrating and testing client’s application.

LIVE Environment

• When the system is in live mode, all recharges transactions are processed along with all other functionalities.



• Enable merchants to send and receive information using name / value pairs in HTML forms rather than XML.


The REST response is really simple. It’s just a very simple XML output.


• A simple machine-readable data-interchange format, which makes constructing API applications in JavaScript easy.


  • Fastest transaction processing capacity of 10000 transactions per second, Best In industry
  • Advance management through Web Interface.
  • API for all services.
  • No Credit, deductions for failed transactions.
  • Circle info is not required in Mobile Airtime.
  • Your requirements our Solutions


  1. WHAT IS FLIGHT API?GENISYS Flight API is the largest ‘direct connect’ GDS (Global Distribution System) for Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) and scheduled airlines.

    GENISYS Flight API aggregates information from hundreds of airlines, providing agents, e-commerce search and mobile services with a single system to manage, search, book and support this vast content. the GENISYS Flight API is available via an API.

  3. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
  4. Tour Operators (TOs)
  5. Online Booking Tools (OBTs)
  6. Meta-search
  7. Travel Management Companies (TMCs)
  8. Corporates
  9. Mobile Solution ProvidersGENISYS Flight API offers airline content that is not available in the traditional GDSs including: Low Cost Carriers (LCCs), web only fares, special fare classes on the GDS, and ancillary services.
  10. Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) and Scheduled AirlinesThe GENISYS Flight API enables airlines of any size to expand their global distribution network while saving significant costs in doing so.
  11. WHAT DOES GENISYS.FLIGHT API OFFER?GENISYS Flight API is the most comprehensive aggregated solution for managing distribution for all of the world’s LCCs and a growing number of ‘direct connect’ scheduled airlines. The GENISYS Flight API is available via three channels:

    API: a B2B solution that is designed to integrate and power front-end and mobile applications to distribute and sell air content;

    GDS Desktop: provides a seamless integration to GDS Desktop applications: Amadeus Selling Platform, Travel port Smart Point and Desktop, and Sabre Red. GENISYS Flight API offers a very simple and easy way to compare, book, pay and create PNRs on content not available in other GDSs, however within these GDSs’ infrastructures;

    Internet Booking Engine (IBE): a web-based agency and user log-in online booking tool that integrates with agents/corporate profiling and booking management systems (PNRs).

  12. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GENISYS.FLIGHT API?For Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Tour Operators (TOs), Online Booking Tools (OBTs), Meta-search and Travel Management Companies (TMCs), Corporates, and Mobile Solution Providers

    Content: GENISYS Flight API is a powerful centralized solution to search and book air content and ancillary services. LCC and ‘direct connect’ content is easily available to be compared to and mixed with GDS provided scheduled airline content.

    Seamless Integration: GENISYS Flight API is easy to integrate, with an API feed, directly with a GDS Desktop or an Internet Booking Engine (IBE).


    Global Coverage: GENISYS Flight API connects to airlines around the world.

    Comparison: GENISYS Flight API offers the most competitive and relevant fares and enables to compare offers from multiple airlines.

    PROVIDES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: GENISYS Flight API is the only local and global source to cost effectively manage the accelerated growth of LCC content and the distribution of special fares and ancillaries increasingly adopted by scheduled airlines

    SIMPLIFIES PAYMENT & SETTLEMENT: GENISYS solutions offer you the most comprehensive way to manage complex payment methods of ‘direct connect’ transaction. Working via (1) GENISYS Pay Deposit or (2) GENISYS Pay Merchant or (3) GENISYS Pay BillBack and by supporting all currencies GENISYS Pay is designed to enable global bookings for any agency in any country in the world.

    INCREASES SALES: With the massive growth of LCCs and their increasing market share across the globe the content offered by GENISYS Flight API results in an immediate sales increase from all channels (Air only, Air + Hotel, Desktop & IBE).

    PROVIDES CUSTOMISABLE APIs: GENISYS Flight API offers full support for the unique requirements of mobile applications and combined with a fast and light feed, returns only the data relevant for the end user due to the intelligent server architecture, is able to deliver a set of customized APIs to meet your unique requirements.

  13. For Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) and Scheduled Airlines

    ‘DIRECT CONNECT COST SAVINGS: Airlines benefit from a global network of agents and sales that do not incur any GDS fees.

    OFFERS WIDE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: GENISYS Flight API with over 240 of the world’s largest leisure and corporate agencies and leading meta search companies offers airlines a low-cost but far reaching global distribution opportunity.

    SIMPLIFIES PAYMENT AND SETTLEMENT: GENISYS Pay omits BSP and ARC and provides, airlines with a complete set of payment solutions such as GENISYS Pay Deposit and GENISYS Pay Merchant, to manage and settle payments and generate fully reconciled real-time reports.


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