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Hotel Booking API

80,000.00 50,000.00

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Product Description

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  • Margins
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  • Feature & Benefits
HOTEL API which covers all hotels with photo and amenities as well as Hotel rate information has a simplified hotel-bookingstructure for easier integration.:

  • Price average
  • Reverse price and quality
  • Trip Advisor rating
  • Confidence ratings etc..
API Description
POST api/HotelBooking/Search Documentation for ‘Search’.
GET api/HotelBooking/GetHotelDetails Documentation for ‘GetHotelDetails’.
GET api/HotelBooking/GetCancellationPolicy Documentation for ‘GetCancellationPolicy’.
GET api/HotelBooking/GetMultipleRoomCancellationPolicy Documentation for ‘GetMultipleRoomCancellationPolicy’.
POST api/HotelBooking/Book Documentation for ‘Book’.
GET api/HotelBooking/GetHotelBooking Documentation for ‘GetHotelBooking’.
POST api/HotelBooking/SendHotelChangeRequest Documentation for ‘SendHotelChangeRequest’.
GET api/HotelBooking/GetHotelChangeRequestStatus Documentation for ‘GetHotelChangeRequestStatus’.
GET api/HotelBooking/GetCountryList Documentation for ‘GetCountryList’.
GET api/HotelBooking/GetDestinationCityList Documentation for ‘GetDestinationCityList’.
GET api/HotelBooking/GetTopDestinations Documentation for ‘GetTopDestinations’.
POST api/HotelBooking/AddHotelBookingDetail Documentation for ‘AddHotelBookingDetail’.
GET api/HotelBooking/GetActiveHotelDeals Documentation for ‘GetActiveHotelDeals’.

Hotel Bookings

Vendor Name Margin
Domestic 10%
International 12%

Hotel API Hotel API

Feature & Benefits of API

  • Api Allows to Use system features without creating or generating Resources or Setting up
  • Dedicated Environment .
  • Api Makes Shows Your Business Environment smoother and allows your entire system users
  • To explore additional Services For same .
  • API gives benefit of Cost sharing to Buyer as the Buyer avails all Service-benefit without
  • Wasting time and Energy for creating Service Environment which save Money and Utilizes
  • Resources.
  • It Allows you Flexibility For Connecting Services to any Platform as well so you can Connect
  • Same Api for any Number of Production Environments as well .

Web Services

The Web API functions

» TEST Environment

  • When the system is in test mode, no actual recharges are processed but at the same time all the functionalities are live. This is useful while integrating and testing client’s application.

» LIVE Environment

  • When the system is in live mode, all recharges transactions are processed along with all other functionalities.

Response Formats


  • Enable merchants to send and receive information using name / value pairs in HTML forms rather than XML.


  • The REST response is really simple. It’s just a very simple XML output.


  • A simple machine-readable data-interchange format, which makes constructing API applications in JavaScript easy.


  • Fastest transaction processing capacity of 10000 transactions per second, Best In industry
  • Advance management through Web Interface.
  • API for all services.
  • No Credit deductions for failed transactions.
  • Circle info is not required in Mobile Airtime.
  • Your requirements our Solutions


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